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Lydvale Fell Ponies

Photo Gallery

The Ponies The Ponies Lydvale Benjamin Ben (2 yr old Gelding) being shown by his owner Vikki at Devon County Show 2011 - Ben won a very well deserved fourth place in a big strong class of quality Fell, Dales and Highland Ponies 126401544 Lydvale Merlin (sold) Sire: Lownthwaite Petrel Dam: Bracklinn Maggie 59219181 Lydvale Benjamin Sire: Lownthwaite Petrel Dam: LYDVALE HEARTSEASE 59219182 George Dressed up for his first Christmas! 59219183 Lydvale Jacinth (sold) and Lydvale Jolene Jolene: Sire: LYDVALE JACOB Dam: LYDVALE JASMINE Jacinth: Sire: Waverhead Hero Dam: Waverhead Jewel 59677632 Lydvale Jacob (sold) Sire: Underwoods Drummer Dam: Waverhead Jewel JACOB was beautifully produced and ridden by Emma Boardman and we wish Jane and Victoria lots of fun and success with him - we really miss him! 59219184 Lydvale Heartsease Sire: Underwood Drummer Dam: LYDVALE HEATHER Showing as a Two year old 59677633 Lydvale E J Sire: Lownthwaite Petrel Dam: LYDVALE JADE At the local SWEPs Show 14th Feb 2010 Placed 1st in both classes and Best M & M Large Breeds 70165777 Lydvale E J 70165778 Lydvale E J 70165779 Lydvale Benjamin At NPS Area 25 Show late 2009 70167045 Lydvale Benjamin 70167046 Lownthwaite Petrel Sire: Peepings Raven Dam: Lownthwaite Skylark PETE IS OUR RESIDENT STALLION 70581927 Lydvale Jasmine & Lydvale Alice Jasmine Sire Waverhead Stormboy Dam Lownthwaite Starbye and Lydvale Alice ( foreground) her 2yr old daughter by Jacob 100320137 Late Autumn 2010 Lydvale Filles and mares: Alice, Jolene, Juliana and Ellenor 111738370 Late Autumn 2010 Lydvale Juliana and Ellenor 111738371 Late Autumn 2010 Waverhead Jewel III 111738372 Late Autumn 2010 Some more of our ladies! Lydvale Jasmine and Heartsease with Waverhead Jewel 111738373 Late Autumn 2010 The boys know that the thaw is on its way! Lydvale EJ and Jet 111738374 Late Autumn 2010 Lydvale EJ Where has all the grass gone? 111738375 Late Autumn 2010 Lydvale EJ I've had enough of this white stuff - I'm off to find the grass! 111738377 November 2010 Lydvale Victoria Supreme Champion NPA Cornwall Show 111742437 Bracklinn Dynamite Dyamite at his first show where he gained a 1st and 2nd place 113335118 Bracklinn Dynamite At his very first show! 113335119 Bracklinn Dynamite At the West Midlands Stallion Show 2011 122492365 Lydvale EJ At the NPS Spring Festival Show 2011 In the Home Produced Class he stood a very creditable third - an extremely strong line up of thirteen ponies! 125298179 Lydvale EJ At NPS Spring Festival Show 2011 125298180 Lydvale Jacob Doing his lap of honour with his second place win at the Royal International Horse Show Hickstead 2011 133189135 2011 Girls January 2012 In Order: Nutmeg, Francis and Emerald out in a new field. 146988318 2011 Girls January 2012 In order: Lydvale Emerald, Waverhead Francis and Lydvale Nutmeg. 146988321 New for 2012 Greenholme Eddy 'Steady Eddy' in his winter woolies from Cumbria! 146988690 Lydvale Kate Its a girl! To Lydvale EJ and Lydvale Jasmine - a daughter - Lydvale Kate! 157194623 Bracklinn Dynamite The new 'boy' at home 30th May 2012, all dressed up and waiting for the first of his ladies! 157586132 Lydvale Kate Born 0145 on 2nd June 2012! 157194624 Greenholme Eddy 26th August 2012 'Steady Eddy' At home! 163882056 Eddy 26/8/12 163882057 Steady Eddy 26/8/12 Smart little chap! 163882058 Eddy 26/8/12 "Do I really have to do this posing bit? 163882060 Eddy 26/8/12 "Well OK then - If I must!" 163882061 Eddy 26/8/12 "Here is the other side - I am a handsome chap! You see I can pose with the best of them - shame about the human spoiling the picture!" 163882062 Bracklinn Dynamite 28/10/12 Dynamite winning 1st and Res Champion at NPA Devon Show 168517834 197063205 197063206 197063207 197063208