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Lydvale Fell Ponies

Photo Gallery

Nick & Vikki's Piccies Nick & Vikki's Piccies L. Benjamin Southern Fell Pony Show 2012 3yr old 172200624 L-R L. Jet, L. Benjamin Reunite Reunited for the first time, plotting the next adventure! 172200625 L. Benjamin Getting into the Christmas spirit, 2011 172200626 L. Benjamin Jubilee Show, Cornwall. June 2012 3yr old 172251323 L. Nutmeg Jubilee Show, Cornwall. June 2012 1yr old 172251324 L. Nutmeg Jubilee Show, Cornwall. Showing off her long legs! 172251325 L. Nutmeg Jubilee Show 2012. Winning her class! 172251326 L-R Nutmeg and Ben Both ponies in the Championship 172251327 Family love.... Is she hiding from the camara or just tired..?! 172251328 and the family grows! L-R L. Nutmeg, L. Jolene, L. Benjamin 172251329 A Jubilee Arrival The only foal of 2012, L. Kate with proud mummy L. Jasmine 172251330 Winner at Royal Cornwall Show 2012 172252024 Father and Son L. Benjamin, and his daddy, Lownthwaite Petrel Spring 2011. 172252771 L. Jet with owner Diana McGrail Doing his first ever ridden class, with no hiccups, such a clever boy! 172252772